The film was premiered at Late at Tate Britain Online* event on December 15, 2020
along with the films of students from the Chelsea College of Arts.

" To coincide with Turner’s Modern World exhibition, December’s Late at Tate Britain Online will premiere films made by Fine Art students at Chelsea College of Arts responding to the question;  How do we engage with the landscape around us today? 

This project was initiated by Martin Newth (Fine Art Programme Director at Chelsea College of Arts). His film essay, ‘Constructing Landscapes/Building Worlds’, was the starting point for the project. It was made with the support of the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust and Hannah Sofaer for assistance with locations on Portland and access to a Living Land Archive, recorded and collated over 35 years during an unprecedented time of environmental and technological change.

The project connects landscape to Tate via a drawing by Turner, which features the limestone quarries on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. Portland stone was mined and provided the raw material for the boom in construction of the Industrial Revolution and was used to build Tate Britain. "



Portland is a group of 8 emerging artists collaborating on an experimental publishing, writing and visual arts project, exploring experiences of connection and isolation within geographical displacement and global art practices.

Our magazine exists as an imaginary site where we can come together and create a platform for our work.

Through the magazine format we are interested in ideas of legitimacy, distortions of fantasy and reality, sustainability and community, exploring how the shared creation of a paradoxical place both haunted and unwanted that part of each of us inhabits can help us find solutions to our contemporary struggles and alienations.

P      is for place

O      is for origin

R      is for rhetoric

T      is for time

L      is for laboured

A      is for art

N      is for MAFA with an n

D      is for depression

Curriculum vitae, quotes & contact
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publication, introspection, interaction.

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